Q) I am producing a large shoot with multiple models, how many tailors will I need for this project?

A) We have lots of experience working as a team and can give you an accurate estimate when we learn more details about your project. Please fill out our booking contact form and we will give you an estimate.

Q) I am interested in working as a tailor with your team, how do I apply?

A) Please send all hiring inquiries to erin@7thbonetailoring.com.

Q) How quickly can your tailors turnover a garment?

A) Turnover time depends on what needs to be altered. Please fill out our booking contact form for an estimate. Once our tailors are at your fitting, they can give an exact time quote. We are known for our speed!

Q) I am a business looking to outsource tailors for production and / or fitting projects? Do you offer this service?

A) Please email booking@7thbonetailoring.com with your project details and we will let you know if it falls in our scope of work.

Q) I am an individual and would like a fitting for my personal garments, do you offer this service?

A) Our sister brand, Stitched Up, is available for all your personal tailoring needs. Email info@stitchedup.us to book your fitting today.

Q) I have a high profile client, can your team handle this?

A) Yes, we specialize in accommodating clients requiring elevated levels of speed and service. Just let us know your client needs and our team will act accordingly.

Q) I have my invoice and would like to make a payment, do you take cash or checks?

A) Both! Please visit our invoice payment section for more details.

Q) I am doing a celebrity fitting, should my tailor bring their sewing machine or just a fitting kit?

A) We are always prepared to sew on site, but sometimes it makes more sense for your tailor to fit the garment then sew at their own location. When determining if a tailor should bring a sewing machine please consider; How quickly does your client need the clothing? If they need to wear the outfit same day, we recommend a tailor bring the machine. Is there space for a tailor to set up at your fitting location? Will your client want to hear the noise of a sewing machine or do they value privacy after the fitting?

Q) I am stylist and not sure if I need a tailor, how do I know if I should book a tailor for my project?

A) Tailors are a great way to relieve your own stress and provide additional service to your clients. We recommend a tailor for the following reasons:

  1. Assurance your client will look amazing on the red carpet and / or shoot

  2. Anytime children or plus size models are involved we highly recommend using a tailor due to lack of uniform sizing standards within the industry

Q) I am working with a plus-size client, what are the benefits of a tailor?

A) The plus size industry does not mean one size fits most. Below are the biggest reasons to use a tailor when working on any plus-size projects:

1) For photo shoots, the “sample size” usually will need to be let out and/or adjusted to flatter your model

2) The proportions of plus garments usually do not match your models features and will need to be adjusted to create flattering looks

3) Swim, lingerie, and bust details usually do not have enough support and benefit from our tailoring tricks

4) Having a tailor focus on the technical fit of plus size clients allows stylists and photographers more time to create beautiful images!

Q) Why do I need a tailor on children’s projects?

A) Children come in all shapes and sizes and usually require the most alterations during photos shoots. This is because they are usually hired for their adorable looks, not their exact size. Below are more benefits to having a tailor for your kid's projects: 1.) They child model you hired may have grown substantially since their last fitting 2.) Having a tailor allows the stylist to adjust the clothing to the cast members, not the other way around 3.) The proportions of the sample garments usually need to be adjusted for each child. This allows stylists to get the exact hem length they need to show off the product.